Restaurants are faced with a unique, pervasive challenge in their day-to-day operations in that their backroom inventory of ingredients and supplies will eventually go to waste if not used completely and within the correct timeframe.

If not managed correctly, the continuous purchase and waste of ingredients and supplies that aren’t being fully utilized can create a bottomless hole in the books of even the best restaurants, siphoning off hard-earned cash for nothing.

If you’re a restaurant owner or researcher looking to tackle this problem head-on in an empirical manner, Rehman Analytica is prepared to analyze your unique circumstances and recommend a plan of action that best suits your restaurant and your customers. Each restaurant is different; different cuisines, different locations, different ingredients, and different customers. Provided the right data (sales logs, inventory logs, etc.) or the opportunity to collect that data from scratch, Rehman Analytica can help you optimize your inventory and ordering process to make sure you’re buying exactly what you need so you’re never overstocked or understocked while taking into account variables such as the ingredients used in your most popular dishes, the times of day/year that you experience demand for certain dishes, and many others.


  • Step 1

    Data Sourcing

    Collection of data from scratch or from existing sales/inventory logs.

  • Step 2

    Data Analysis

    In-depth, quantitative analysis of data and statistical trends with regards to the relationship between customer demand and back-room inventory/stock.

    Step 2

  • Step 3


    Results of analysis and accompanying recommendations compiled and reported.


Analysis example coming soon! If you would like to be the exemplar of this product by allowing us to anonymize the end-result of your Restaurant Supply Chain Analysis, please let us know and receive a discount on the total price of your package!